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[…] Mahaprabhu brought the people into the stream of kirtana and singing of the Name, where each and everyone then evolved in accordance with his own nature. He led the people to Krishna-bhakti, some to Radha-Krishna, others to Rama, others to Narasinha, but added that all these (other) forms are not svayam rupa.

Emphatically, He drew attention to the fact that svayam rupa is Krishna or Svayam Bhagavan Vrajendra-Nandana. Consequently, at the same time, He wanted to lead the genuine bhakti of every group of jiva-atma-s to the different forms of HIMSELF, and lead those, who in accordance with the nature of their atma (svarup) belong to the bhakti to Vrajendra-Nandana in anugatya gopi-bhava, to this form of bhakti, and out of them especially lead those who are qualified to appreciate it, into the greater intensity of the separation (viraha) between Radha and Krishna, and the service of Them in Their efforts to overcome this separation.

Mahaprabhu’s most intimate and direct disciples are thus those who in their service (anugatya) of Him want to attain the service (anugatya) of the nitya-gopi-s, in their efforts to overcome the separation between Radha and Krishna. […]

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