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Different Paths

Yes, there are different paths leading to different goals, but each path involves a strict discipline and there is no yoga [-path; yoga from the Sanskrit root yunj; yoke] in the Shastram-s which leads to connection with God at the speed of a rocket. It is a fact, however, that simple folk wish for and seem to need cheap things: belief in miracles, superstition and expectations of quick solutions through psychological tricks; panaceas for the problems, this inspire most people of all races and social classes. Only a few have the strength to receive grace and tread the path of the noble.
I have already called your attention to this, when Vamandas so often encountered a positive response in people’s hearts; the human heart is fickle and after the first sweet taste comes the sobering down and the distinct, steep path. Krishna is noble and wants those who are noble and wants to make them to His Own. It is not so easy to become noble and godlike in this sense. Seva-ananda [the joy of serving God] is infinitely higher – and more difficult – than bhoga-sukha [taking pleasure in enjoying, experiencing], and the latter is what most people desire.
Not even Krishna interferes with man’s freedom. Everyone is free to be on the wrong track, to go astray or to make a detour, and I don’t see how we could be so presumptuous to maintain that we could or should prevent others from wandering on the wrong track, going astray or making a detour, when they actually insist upon it. But you can very well tell Mrs. E that I am very sad to hear that she desires trinkets and will forsake the gold. […]
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