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Krishna-Karnamritam 1.104

[…] Your Greatness and Might of Beauty and Power (vaibhavam) and my own inability to think and to do everything for Your sake, and to lead other people to the same joyful experience, make me modest. Still, when I look back at my life and the different ways I tried to reach You, it seems like a miracle, it is strange and I cannot understand how, amidst the whirlpool around me and the tumult inside me, both trying to carry me away from You with terrible speed into boundless vagueness and uncertainty, that I met the Power of Vaibhavam. And it originates in You and is Your Power, this magnificent attracting power, which unconsciously first, consciously later, I felt working within me. This power enabled me – against all likelihood – to fight back all obstacles, keeping my mind focussed on You and stand my ground against the current, trying to sweep me away from You.
You are my life (jivanam), as in the same degree I move forward to You and can rouse the interest in others in joining into that movement towards the Centre of all Being, I realise, that I live for Your sake alone. Considering my own past, a life not dedicated to You, seems to be like death to me. And if I were cut off from You, I would equal to a dark particle of cosmic matter, separated from the Source of all Being by the centrifugal force, darting through the depths of space and soon, without having fulfiled the meaning of its life, dimming away into darkness and non-existence, losing the little heat left in it, that did not even originate in itself. […]
Svami Sadananda Dasa, commentary on Krishna-Karnamritam 1.104

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