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Divine Love and Freedom

It is not possible to express or understand what Divine Love actually is, neither through emotions nor intellect, but it is certain that the very first prerequisite, from the human point of view, is the sincere willingness to see all conceivable problems – biological, social, ethical, financial, political, aesthetical, philosophical-religious, yes, most of all the Divine ones – no longer from our point of view, but from the Centre of all conscious and unconscious gravitation, from the point of view of Krishna, i.e., to search lovingly for the answers to the questions what and who God actually is from His point of view – not only from our point of view – i.e., what and who He is in Himself, without all the fuss of infinite universes.
The prerequisite of Divine Love is absolutely clear knowledge of Him, Whom this love relates to, and that such Love, originating in and leading to Him, must be completely free from every form of depravation, every expectation of repayment, all speculation about reward.
Another prerequisite is that the object of this Love is no dictator, that He not only wants, but sees to it that those who love Him are completely free and love Him in freedom. As sparks of fire share the qualities of glow and light, the atma shares God’s quality of freedom. This freedom is so great that the atma is free to give up his own freedom and become a slave of his emotions, his soul, his mind, body, society, etc., but even during his deepest downfall, he can regain his freedom, if he truly wants to.
Svami Sadananda Dasa, letter