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About us

The aim of this website consists in providing the means for a systematic study of the translations of the Bhakti-Shastram-s and of other texts by Svami Sadananda Dasa ("Svami"). We, i.e., Kalakanthidasi (Katrin Stamm) and Kishordas (Kid Samuelsson), who are taking care of this website, are shiksha disciples of Svami Sadananda Dasa and are connected to the Gaudiya-Vinoda-Sarasvata sampradaya by initiation via a direct lady disciple of Svami by the name of Maitri dasi.

Together with other disciples, we are administering the spiritual and personal literary estate of Svami and of his main disciple, Vamandas (Walther Eidlitz). This estate is the basis and source of the texts to be found on this website. Together with some other disciples we are translating the texts so that they become available in English, German and Swedish, step by step.

The estate comprehends, for example, an intense exchange of letters, covering the years from 1948 to 1975, between Svami and his disciples in Europe, Vamandas in particular. However, for the most part, only the letters from Svami have survived. They give a rare and intimate insight into the personal relation between teacher and disciples, Svami’s difficult living circumstances in India, his inner life and the way he was teaching. Moreover they contain many translations e.g. of the Bhagavatam, songs or prayers, which were sent to Vamandas for his spiritual nourishment and for the books on bhakti that he was writing under Svami's tutelage. We have abbreviated these letters, made them anonymous and added headings that indicate the subject the letter is about. So far these letters comprise most of the texts that can be found on this website.

Also in the form of letters, 300 pages of narrowly written air mail paper with corrections by Svami of Vamandas’ book, "The Indian Love of God" ("Die indische Gottesliebe"), have come to us which are a real treasure that has, so far, yet not been published on this website. Their value lies in the training they provide to readjust one's mind again and again to the SERVING of Krishna as the means and the goal. To study them is in itself seva put into practice.

In addition there are many exercise books with notes and translations both from Svami and Vamandas from the time in the internment camp in India (1939-1945). They often contain dictations from Svami on his sickbed to Vamandas. The main part of the estate, however, consists of many different kinds of texts: Sadananda's partial translations of verses and chapters from the Bhagavatam, Bhagavad Gita, Jaiva Dharma, Bhaktirasamrita Sindhu, and the Brihadbhagavatamritam, as well as full texts of the Isopanishat, the Caitanya Bhagavatam and some bhakti dramas. Disciples' notes from lectures on various subjects are also included in this collection. As it takes a considerable time to type and translate these full texts, you will only find a few of them on the website so far. We beg our readers for patience as we are doing all this besides our regular employment.

By now there are about twenty disciples of Svami of the first and second generation. We neither live in an ashram nor are we organised in any way. We try to follow our guru’s advice to orient ourselves to the serving of Krishna and outwardly pursue normal lives, thereby following Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s instructions to Raghunatha Dasa:

"Don’t practise monkey renunciation – in front of the world.
Accept and use what is necessary – without attachment.
In your heart: be steady.
Outwardly: behave like the people.
Before long Krishna will deliver you." (CC.II.16.238-239)