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Walther Eidlitz' main work, "Krishna-Caitanya, Sein Leben und Seine Lehre” into English ("Krishna-Caitanya, the Hidden Treasure of India, His Life and His Teachings", 2014) and Swedish ("Krishna-Caitanya, Indiens dolda skatt, Hans liv och Hans lära", 2013) are now translated and printed and can be ordered under "Text Downloads/Books" in the SWEDISH and ENGLISH version of the website and under VAMANDAS' link to his books.

There you can also order the booklet "Tender as a Flower, Hard as a Thunderbolt – Words of Truth and Love" (2015), which is a compilation of concise extracts from Svami's texts under different subjects.

LECTURES on Svami Sadananda Dasa's life and teachings by Katrin Stamm can be booked by directly contacting her via the e-mail address provided on the website.