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All workers in Svami's "bhakti workshop" are honorary workers and perform the seva of digitizing and translating the texts Svami has given to us in addition to their regular employment. That's why the number of texts on this site only slowly increases. Time is our only capital and we are happily giving it away to the service of our guru, the Vaishnavas and Krishna.

However, we would also very much like to publish more texts in the form of real books, like we have done with the recently translated book "Krishna Caitanya. The Hidden Treasure of India. His Life and Precepts" ("Krishna Caitanya – Sein Leben und Seine Lehre") by Walther Eidlitz.

Other projects are to republish the German edition of Eidlitz' book on Caitanya, the printing of the Isha-Upanishat, the Caitanya-Bhagavatam and part of the Brihadbhagavatamritam. If you would like to financially support these projects and our seva in general, please contact Katrin Stamm via the website.