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28.1.2020 Letter to a Scientist, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

25.1.2020 The School of Caitanya-bhakti, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

25.1.2020 Krishna-darshana, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

24.1.2020 You are not Mahaprabhu, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

22.1.2020 Bhaktisiddhanta's Words of Advice to Sadananda, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

19.1.2020 Caitanya-Bhagavata, letter from Sadananda, 1955.

13.1.2020 The Queens in Dvaraka, a compilation of texts by Sadananda.

12.1.2020 The Message, letter from Sadananda.

9.1.2020 My Secret Wish, letter from Sadananda.

6.1.2020 Seva and Dasyam, letter from Sadananda.

01.01.2020 A Perverted Reflection of Reality, letter from Sadananda.

01.11.19 Vraja Mandalam, The Sites of Vraja, is now translated into English, together with a map of Vraja, Vraja Mandalam map, given both in the text itself and as a separate file.

29.10.19 The article on Svami Sadananda Dasa, "Hard as a Thunderbolt, Soft as a Flower", for the Gaudiya Touchstone Magazine, Premier Issue, published on May 7, 2014 is now available both in the magazine itself, on page 56: Gaudiya Touchstone and as a separate PDF file on this site: Hard as a Thunderbolt Soft as a Flower.

29.6.19 To See Everything From His Point of View, letter from Sadananda.

14.6.19 "The Gopis' Question to Krishna" and "The Fetters of the Gopis" are now available in English.

30.5.19 "Divine and Mundane Ignorance" and "Goloka and Gokula" are now available in English.

25.5.19 "Anugatyam", "What is Smarana?", "Fullness Taken from Fullness", "There is no Deception Where God is Present", "Vrajavasis", "The Works of the Gosvamis are only Meant for the Bhaktas", "Rasa or Realization of the Service", "Lobha, the Greed to Serve", "The Nature of Gopi-seva" and "Gopi-Prema" are now available in English.

18.5.19 "Jaiva-Dharma", now available in Swedish.

30.6.18 "The Nature of Manjari-seva", letter from Svami available in English.

30.6.18 "The Beginning of all Discipline", letter from Svami available in English.

5.8.16 "Manah-Shiksha" is now available in German.

"Erette erette!" King Prataparudra's Praise of Caitanya, Caitanya-Bhagavatam, Antya Lila 5, 185–208 is now available in German.

"Caitanya-Candramritam" and "Caitanya-Ashtakam" are now available in German.

"Shri Krishna's Ankunft in Vraja" and "Ahamkara" are now available in German.

On the 21st of April the estate of the recently deceased Swiss bhakta Georg Wagner, who had studied under Sadananda in Basel in the early 70ties and who had inherited a part of Sadananda's library and personal notes and translations, was catalogued. Thanks to the generous offer of his son and heir, Pasqual Wagner, that part of the estate which contains books and texts of Sadananda will be included into the Sadananda-archive while that part which contains the works and translations of Georg Wagner will be first examined by the Prof. Dr. Neubert of the Department for Religious Studies of the University of Bern and later find a home in the Sadananda-archive, too. We hereby express our gratitude to all who were involved in saving these texts which are very valuable for our work/seva, especially Pasqual Wagner, Prof. Dr. Frank Neubert and Ursula Bründler Stadler, who had kindly stored the books/texts in the meantime.

On the 22nd of April a lecture was held by Katrin Stamm at the University of Bern about the life and teachings of Sadananda as part of a lecture series on global Hinduism that was organized by Prof. Dr. Frank Neubert.
The lecture focussed on questions of the inner and outer transformations an individual as well as a religion undergoes when leaving its homeland and changing its context.

We are now happy to present a new English book, Tender as a Flower, Hard as a Thunderbolt – Words of Truth and Love, which is a compilation of extracts from different texts of Svami Sadananda Dasa.
Some of the texts are from originals in English but the great majority are written in German.
The title of the book is a quotation from Caitanya-Caritamrita 2.7.71 and describes the character of the true guru, the one who is truly existing, the prema-bhakta.
Svami Sadananda Dasa (Ernst Georg Schulze) appeared in the world in Germany in 1908. In the early 1930s he became a disciple of Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati who before some of his native disciples once said, “You, Sadananda, and I, we have always been together.”
The book can be ordered under TEXT/DOWNLOADS in the English section under VAMANDAS.

The Isha-Upanishad is now available in both German and Swedish.

Mahaprabhu's dialogue with Raya Ramananda (CC II.8) can be found in German now (under "Prayojana").

The overview over the psychological and cosmological analogies (the 23 tattvam-s) – KOSMOLOGISCH-PSYCHOLOGISCHE ENTSPRECHUNGEN – can be found in German now (under "Sambandha").

KRISHNA'S DAMODARA-LILA, a rendering by SVAMI SADANANDA DASA based on passages from the Shrimad-Bhagavatam, Gopala-Campuh and Ananda-Vrindavana-Campuh, is now available in English as a booklet and can be ordered under TEXT/DOWNLOADS in the English section.

We are happy that Walther Eidlitz' main work, Krishna-Caitanya, Sein Leben und Seine Lehre, now has been translated and printed into English and can be ordered under TEXT/DOWNLOADS in the English section.

Vi är glada över att Walther Eidlitz huvudsakliga verk, KRISHNA-CAITANYA, Sein Leben und Seine Lehre, nu har blivit översatt och tryckt på svenska och går att beställa under TEXT DOWNLOADS/BOOKS.
Boken heter KRISHNA-CAITANYA, Indiens dolda skatt, Hans liv och Hans lära och är på 587 sidor.
Vi väntar också på att den engelska versionen, KRISHNA-CAITANYA, The Hidden Treasure of India, His Life and His Teachings ska lämna tryckeriet.

Walther Eidlitz' main work, Krishna-Caitanya, Sein Leben und Seine Lehre, 1968, has now been translated into both Swedish and English.
Both texts are available as downloads under TEXT DOWNLOADS / BOOKS, Vamandas.
Their titles are: Krishna-Caitanya, the Hidden Treasure of India, His life and His Teachings, and Krishna-Caitanya, Indiens dolda skatt, Hans liv och Hans lära.
They will also be printed soon, and when they are available as books you will find them under the section TEXT DOWNLOADS / BOOKS, Vamandas, where you can order them.

In the camp in India Sadananda dictated a short text to Vamandas about his own childhood which gives an extraordinary insight into the life of a prema-bhakta who descends on earth.
It has now been translated into English and made available as a dowload under the title: "Freedom and Law - Sadananda as a Child".

For those who want to contribute to the printing of Sadananda's and Vamandas' texts there is now a possibility to donate money for this purpose (see the section "ABOUT US", "Donate").
A translation of Vamandas' main work on Krishna-Caitanya into Swedish has now been sent to a printer. Soon it will also be available as a download.

The complete corrections to "Die indische Gottesliebe" (erster und zweiter Teil) in German are uploaded. The rest of the corrections is being typed right now. The layout is not coherent yet and has to be redone in the end when everything is typed.

We are very grateful to Krishna Rati dasi, who was so kind to proofread the English version of this website. We have (hopefully) learnt a lot about English punctuation.

A compilation of texts about and prayers to Vrindadevi by Svami Sadananda was uploaded in German.

"Einführung in die Grundlagen des Bhaktiyoga", a compilation of different articles of Svami Sadananda on the basics and first steps of bhaktiyoga is now available in German.

Svami Sadananda's text "Bhagavan und Seine Avataras" is now available in German.

Svami Sadananda's letter "God's three Modes of Being" is now translated into English and Swedish and available as downloads in both languages.

Svami Sadananda's text "The Simultaneous Presence of God, The World and the Soul" is now translated into English and Swedish and available as downloads in all three languages.

15.05.13 "Der Guru", a written lecture of Vamandas for the radio in Bern 1958 was later recorded in a studio. This record from 1962 is now digitalized and available under Multimedia.

Svami Sadananda's text "Bhagavan and His Avataras" is now translated into English and Swedish and available as downloads.

Our main focuse for the near future is to conclude the translation of Walther Eidlitz' main work "Krishna-Caitanya, Sein Leben und Seine Lehre" into English and Swedish.

An interview about Svami in an internet magazine called Gaudiya Touchstone is now available via the following link (page 56):
Gaudiya Touchstone

A 3rd Facebook Icon on top of the site is now linked to a Russian version of Svami's page on FB.

Further reviews to the German books by Walther Eidlitz have been added as well as a sample of the "Gottesliebe" (preview) and the respective corrections (review).
In the English "Biography" section the text about the relation between Sadananda and Vamandas has been filled in.

Walther Eidlitz' book "Der Sinn des Lebens" is now available as a download.

The Dasha-Avatara Hymn by Jayadeva is now available in German.

Walther Eidlitz' book, "The Meaning of Life in the Indian World of Thought", is now available as a download.

Walther Eidlitz' book, "Livets mening och mål i indisk tankevärld"", is now available as a download.

All the publishers of Walther Eidlitz' books have now confirmed that we hold the copyright to all his books.

A transcription of the audio recording we had added to the silent film footage of Svami Sadananda Dasa is presented under "Multimedia".