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Study Guide

Vamandas’ books can be sorted as follows:


“Der Glaube und die Heiligen Schriften der Inder” (“The Belief and the Sacred Texts of the Hindus”; not translated into English; offers an introduction into Hinduism)
“The Meaning of Life in Indian Thought” (1st & 2nd chap.: Psychology)
“Krishna Caitanya. The Hidden Treasure of India” (1st part, 1st and 2nd chap.: Theological basics)


“The Meaning of Life” (3rd cap.: The Paths of Yoga)
“Krishna Caitanya. The Hidden Treasure of India” (1st part, 3rd chap.: The Unfolding of Bhakti)


“Krishna Caitanya. The Hidden Treasure of India” (2nd part: Biography of Caitanya)

“Unknown India” is an autobiographical work and offers a lively account of Vamandas’ meeting with Svami in the internment camp in India during the Second World War.
The book “Die indische Gottesliebe” (“The Indian Love of God”; not translated into English) is – due to around 300 pages of corrections by his guru which Vamandas couldn’t include into a second revised edition as it was not printed – unfit to be used in the study of the science of bhaktiyoga.