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The Nature of Our Service for Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna is the sole Master. He is also His Own supreme Servant. In the Absolute all ends must meet. It is Shri Krishna Who by His serving Potency serves Himself. And no one can serve Shri Krishna except Himself.

It is therefore not possible for us neither to be masters nor servants – independently of Krishna. We are of His essence, but are not the source of the essence.

Shri Krishna becomes His Own Servant, in Whose heart He appears as Master. This serving Counterwhole is called Shri Radhika. For serving Krishna She expands Herself into the circles of the gopi-s.

The “fallen” but freed soul [nitya-baddha jiva-atma; the (seemingly) eternally bound jiva, who once chose not to serve Shri Krishna, but is now freed, i.e. has chosen to serve Krishna] cannot offer any service directly. Shri Radhika, helped by the gopi-s, directly serves Krishna. They are direct servants.

The individual soul [jiva-atma] can serve only in a subordinate position and carry out the orders of Shri Radhika and Her [eternal] companions.

(Svami Sadananda Dasa, notes from the camp hospital in India 16.7.43)